Equipo de trabajo de Macaw Kakau

Macaw Kakau’s multidisciplinary team is very diverse, consisting mostly of people from the local communities surrounding the ecological sanctuary. Each person has a particular specialty in the cultivation of cocoa and in the process of making chocolates.

Pablo Gordienko

CEO, owner and founder of Santuario Macao

Andrei Gordienko

Owner and founder of Santuario Macao

Fred Rubin

CBR Foundation President, Macaw Kakau representative in the US

Yorleny Cubillo

Macaw Kakau chocolate master

Nelio Cambronero

Local farmer, cacao expert

Francisco Trejos

Logistics manager, reforestation expert

Geiner Sandi

Local farmer and artisan

Jhonnatan Angulo

Local farmer

José Antonio Mora

Local farmer

José Manuel Mora

Local farmer

Juan José Cambronero

Local farmer