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Macaw Kakau, more than a chocolate with fine aroma…

Deep inside Costa Rica’s Central Pacific mountain jungle Macaw Kakau artisanal chocolate factory is found. It’s a small container facing the mountains, surrounded by the cacao plantations and lush forest. It’s a dream come true that has been thought out and planned carefully throughout the years. Macaw Kakau is not only a chocolate brand, it also represents the concept of sustainability and fully supports the regeneration of the forest.

Our production contributes directly to the conservation of the scarlet macaw (Ara macao). Our cacao agroforestry systems combine different native tree species and tropical fruits which are the natural habitat of the iconic scarlet macaw and many other species of birds and animals. Our chocolates are made from root to bar in our ecological sanctuary. Starting from the cacao seed that we plant on the earth, all the way to the last step of confectioning by hand the chocolate or bonbon bar itself, and wrapping it in our package to deliver it. Our workers are locals. The farmers experts in cacao planting, harvesting and drying as well as the chocolate maker are from the neighboring towns and communities.

We want to share with you and the world that we believe and we know that sustainable production and the coexistence with Mother Earth is possible. All the earnings that Macaw Kakau makes are destined to projects that restore biodiversity within Macaw Sanctuary and Carara area (we aim to support the whole Biological Corridor ‘Paso de las Lapas’) through the CBR Foundation. We wish to invite you on this journey starting at your palate: enjoy the taste of Macaw Kakau’s fine aroma chocolates and feel gratification of your contribution to the regeneration of Costa Rica’s jungle.

Chocolate & conservation

Chocolate & conservation

Social Impact

Social Impact

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Macaw Kakau, beyond a fine aroma chocolate

All proceeds from Macaw Kakau are used for the CBR Foundation's biodiversity restoration projects in the El Paso de las Lapas Biological Corridor.

Presentation of Macaw Kakau chocolates

The production of our chocolates contributes with:

Conservation of the scarlet macaw
Part of the proceeds go to projects to improve the habitat of the limpet.
Through reforestation and agroforestry we have restored 400 ha of forest
80% of our workers come from neighboring communities
We are generators of knowledge, from community children to foreign university students participating in various educational processes
Our conservation projects have crossed the borders of the private reserve, towards the Paso de las Lapas corridor
Thanks to different sustainable ventures, several families have progressed together with the ecological sanctuary

Our production process

Makau Kakau is the result of a constructive process of restoration of biodiversity, of almost 40 years of work in the Macao Sanctuary.

Origin: Costa Rica

Region: Makau Kakau Lodge

Harvest: 2019/20

Type: Trinitario Mix

Flavor Notes:

This is very Yang for the bright, tangy, fruity Madagascar Yon. Dry, nutty, elegantly sweet and nuanced.

There is molasses and gardenia in the scent, which is an interesting combination given the heaviness of the former and the delicate nature of the latter. The first thing you are going to notice in chocolate… well… is the chocolate. These cocoa beans make a chocolate with incredible clarity and a complete chocolate flavor.

Astringency and bitterness are almost absent, to the point that if for whatever reason you want to roast this super light, there’s little fear of that raw, concise astringency. The acidity is very mild and provides the right balance so that the chocolate does not go limp. There is a marmalade flavor of fresh red berries, accentuated by the intense sweetness inherent in this profile. To round it off are toasted Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts and leather. That nutty character is the reason you are not going to take your roast to a higher extreme of roast temperature. The lower 240s are fine and as long as you stretch it, even the mid 230s can be quite good.

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The Art & Science Of Bean To Bar Chocolate

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