Makau Kakau is the result of a constructive process. We have been focusing on restoring biodiversity at Macao Sanctuary and the surrounding area for over 40 years. Through out the decades, the family of this ecological sanctuary has created multiple and diverse ventures, all focused and dedicated to protecting and respecting Mother Earth. Although the focus started as reforestation and the recovery of animal species, we have also incorporated the local communities. We believe the integration of the entire system and a mindset that includes everyone in order to promote harmony and sustainability.

Since the establishment of the forest reserve in its beginning, all the way to the creation and building of Macaw Lodge, plus the foundation of CBR, the Center for Biodiversity Restoration, Macaw Sanctuary has continuously evolved. As the years went by, different challenges arose, and through the process of facing adversities, we thought deeply and created the idea of Macaw Kakau. The idea of making chocolate was an alternative option of sustainable development for the area. It adds a significant value to the agroforestry systems and their production already in place.

Sales of Macaw Kakau chocolates not only promote the conservation of Macao Sanctuary and the sustenance of families from local communities, but it also contributes to the financing of other conservation projects related to biodiversity through the CBR Foundation. Our goals are set to envision frontiers beyond our natural reserve.

The word ‘Macaw’ as we call our lodge and hotel within the sanctuary comes from the iconic bird Ara Macao, typically known as ‘lapa roja’ in Spanish or just scarlet macaw in English. This bird is one of the many residents in our sanctuary. We average a bird count of 350 other species. Through the months of October and November, it is possible to watch 20 macaw couples in a single day.

Pablo Gordienko – CEO Macaw Kakau

As the years go by, the challenges grew, in this way Macaw Kakau was born, as a sustainable development alternative for the area.

“Kakau” comes from the word Kakawa which is the common name for cacao in the Mayan culture. It is suspected that it is also related to the Proto-Mixe-Zoque language.