The Beginning of the Agroforestry Systems / 2000 – 2010

Cacao criollo de nuestra finca

With the desire to continue bettering the quality of the ecosystem and to generate better employment sources, the first agroforestry plantations are installed. These produce food at the same time that they restore plant and animal diversity. The main product of this friendly agricultural system would come to be cacao, the raw material for the future Macaw Kakau chocolates.

But it’s not only about cacao. Agroforestry systems combined with permaculture practices can produce up to 50 different edible products including fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables, which are the base of the meals for the guests at Macaw Lodge. Amongst the star products that we do commercialize with our brand Macaw Kakau, we can mention coffee, acai and honey from the local bees.

During this decade, the land becomes a living and growing laboratory: more scenic, more interesting and with a progressively growing biodiversity. The Scarlet Macaw, our icon and favorite bird specie, is one of the most benefited by this change. The regeneration process of the ecosystem helps the macaw thrive, and more birds can be seen as time goes by. The restored forest becomes an attractive habitat for other hundreds of species of birds and animals, that come back to occupy the space they used to live in after several years.