Ecotourism has been, for many years, the main source of livelihood for Santuario Macao. It has generated hundreds of direct and indirect sources of employment but also allowing the restoration of this tropical ecosystem. This activity is the best ally of the agroforestry production of cacao. Not only because of the economic benefits it generates, but above all, because of its direct relationship with the conservation of the biological diversity of the reserve.

Thousands of tourists visit us every year to appreciate the magnificence of this jungle and its biodiversity. They get to know in person the agroforestry production system and participate in the production of Macaw Kakau chocolates, literally from root to bar. They also delight in the exquisite flavors of Macaw Lodge cuisine, delicately and carefully prepared and cooked with local ingredients from our farm.

Birdwatching in our cacao agroforestry system

Those who are passionate about birds observe the limpets, soaring through the skies in their natural habitat, coexisting in total harmony with the human population. This bird, plus 350 other species have found shelter in this ecological sanctuary, which is fully dedicated to them.