The Birth of Macaw Lodge and Macaw Kakau / 2010 – 2020

Macao Sanctuary continues evolving, becoming it’s own success. The decade of growth begins and we observe our horizons expand. All the efforts from three decades back lead to a continuous increase of production options and economic income, through ecotourism and the manufacture of a product with added value: Macaw Kakau chocolates.

The restored ecosystem now rich in biodiversity, next to Macaw Lodge, a top of the line ecolodge, make Macao Sanctuary one of the most attractive natural and ecological spots in Costa Rica. Tourists from all over the world come to appreciate nature and to delight with the local gastronomy, straight and fresh from our ecological farm.

Birdwatchers, one of the main clients of Macaw Lodge, come to be surprised by the colorful and shiny red plumage of the macaws. They also come to explore the trails and discover more than 350 bird species around the reserve. Wellness tourism develops parallel to this booming tourism. We start offering yoga retreats and other complementary activities.

Feria del chocolate XXX

Observación de aves en Macaw Lodge

With an agroforestry system that enriched the land, the respective biodiversity and food production, the chocolate factory that we dreamed of is born. Macaw Kakau makes it’s first chocolate bars. The perfect combination of different types of cacao, alongside skilled hands from local artisans, we manage to obtain a high quality, that with time, becomes internationally recognized. The bar with 60% cacao content and with hints of coffee from the same farm wins the third prize in the Central American Chocolate Awards in 2019.